'Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part Deux'

I’ve chosen to follow the ‘Potter’ saga, films only. I wanted each installment to be surprising and new. Oh how this saga has rewarded it. This installment ends things on a true bang- and I would argue this is a more satisfying epic conclusion than ‘Return of the King’ was…other franchises as well. The performances are extraordinary across the board. Characters I wanted to see honest payoff’s got them in dividens. The casting of these three kids all those years ago was one of the best casting in Hollywood history. Struck gold.

Each one of these performers have turned into serious actors. Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe certainly the most. Although actually giving Ron something to BE there for helped Rupert Grint a lot. But these are still young actors- there’s some veterans in this cast that give the film that true electricity. Alan Rickman as my favorite character in the series Snape, is so good here. Just the way he plays his lines, so chopped up. Like he has to think of the best word to say…it’s really brilliant. But Ralph Fiennes is really good as well again as ‘He who shall not- oh screw it, he’s gonna kill you anyways’ (one of the best lines in the film) Voldemort. Ever since his introduction at the end of ‘Goblet of Fire’ I’ve known it was gonna be a villain of epic proportions. I was right.

I’ve loved how the series has gotten progressively and unflinchingly dark as its progressed. They never sacrificed playing it down to fit more into the ‘mainstream’ fare. ‘Transformers’ this franchise isn’t, surely. No knock on ‘Dark of the Moon’ BTW. And how they close it out is pitch-perfect, with seamless effects showing slightly more grown versions sending off their children. David Yates deserves at least a nomination next year, perhaps they should just award this series like they did ‘Return of the King’. Which was surely based more on the entire series getting credit over that really being the BEST film that year.

'Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Pt. 2' is something not to be missed.

***** out of *****

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